Thursday, April 3, 2008

The file manifest.xml does not exist in the solution package

It's been a while since my last post (I'd really need to write that post on how to integrate Dynamics AX into MOSS ) and this one will also just be a quickie...

When trying to add my solution to the solution store, I got the error The file manifest.xml does not exist in the solution package. This was weird, because I didn't change anything to the deployment parts of my solution and it had always worked before... Also, the manifest.xml file seemed to be inside the wsp file just fine. Thanks to this blog, I was able to solve it!

Apparently, you get this error the moment your package gets too big. Mark Beij mentions 1440kb, but with me it already occured when my package got over 1400kb. The solution is to add the following lines to the top of your cab.ddf file:

.Set CabinetFileCountThreshold=0
.Set FolderFileCountThreshold=0
.Set FolderSizeThreshold=0
.Set MaxCabinetSize=0
.Set MaxDiskFileCount=0
.Set MaxDiskSize=0

Now that all the size limitations are off, just make your wsp file again and you should be able to add your solution again.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I saved me a lot of time when I didn't have the time to spend.

asim said...

Nice and usefull article, thanks v. much

Murali said...

Thanks so much.You are saved my time

Tomas said...

thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I'm migrating to sp2010 from WSS and got the error, you made my day!