Thursday, March 12, 2009

Debugger: No symbols have been loaded

Just a quick post that can save you a lot of time.... I was debugging a SharePoint workflow that had already been deployed and everything, but it needed some extra changes. I never succeeded in debugging it though and it always gave me the "no symbols have been loaded for this assembly" message. After trying almost everything (restarting the server, rebuilding and deploying everything, clearing the .Net cache, ...), I found a post of someone saying something about "debug mode". Turned out my Visual Studio project was set in "Release" mode by the one who installed the application and you can't debug when it's in Release mode. To reset this, simply right click on your solution name, choose properties, click on "Configuration Properties" and under "Configuration", select "Debug" for all your projects. Then rebuild and deploy again (make sure you use the .dll files from the "debug" directory in stead of the "release" directory) and everything should debug fine again...

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