Friday, October 14, 2016

Free ways of earning Bitcoins

It's been a while since my last post on this blog, but I'd like to share some info with you since I dove into investing into Bitcoins lately. I've come across a few really nice websites that let you earn some free Bitcoins to get you started, so maybe you can take advantage of this too (and if this provides me with some new referrals, that's a nice benefit too of course ;-)).

I'll be listing the websites I'm using in orde of the amount of profit I've been making with them.


You can click to claim some satoshi every 5 minutes, ranging from about 50-100 satoshi every time at this moment. This website also has some nice ways of earning something extra, like taking surveys which can easily make you over 50.000 satoshi for each survey.

2) freebitcoin

You can claim some satoshi every hour through some sort of lucky draw feature. Depending on what number you spin, you can currently get between 300 satoshi and 0.3 bitcoin every hour. You can also wager your earnings in a higher/lower game and you also earn reward points for every action you take on this website.

3) Take Free Bitcoin

You can click to claim some satoshi every 5 minutes. For every consecutive day you claim satoshi, you get a higher multiplier. The base amount is between 12 and 30 satoshi at this moment. This website also has some special offers with satoshi rewards from time to time.

4) Alien Faucet

You can "kill aliens" every five minutes to earn satoshi. Depending on which alien that gets selected, you currently get between 50 and 2200 satoshi every time.

5) Daily Free Bits

Click every hour for either 30 or 50 satoshi. No real high earnings here, but every bit counts!

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